Top Value Resources for Business Entrepreneurs

top resources for entrepreneurs

Business entrepreneurs are spoilt for choice these days with tons of great resources available to them, and many of these are often completely free too! However, it can sometimes be very difficult to hear about them unless a friends or business colleague happens to mentions them.

We had a look around to find out what valuable resources are being taken up by entrepreneurs, and have put together a list of those that are being found very useful by small business owners right now. A lot of these resources can be used as great tools to improve your productivity and save you some precious time or money.

Useful Book Resources

7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey.

A great read for any aspiring entrepreneur. This book is written as a sort of self-help guide to help you be more productive and to think like a business leader.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

Written by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, this book documents her personal story and helps to teach women how to overcome the most common struggles they may face in business.

The Networking Survival Guide by Diane Darling.

Although business networking has been around for years, in this digital age we tend to forget just how important networking still is to the success of our business. This book aims to remind entrepreneurs of how to establish and maintain good business connections.

Useful Websites


As an entrepreneur, you will understand just how important having a social media presence is to your business. Although social media is incredibly effective, it can be very time consuming having to log in and out of each site every day to write posts and read comments. HootSuite offers a way to make organizing and maintaining your social media accounts easier by combining them all into once central dashboard. You can read your timelines and feeds, create and schedule posts and look at your analytics from a single user-friendly site.

Cost: free.

Google Alerts

A great way to monitor your performance online is to use the Google Alerts tool. You can enter in alerts for your favorite keywords, brand and product names and get an instant alert each time your business is mentioned by anyone online. It is also a very sneaky way to keep an eye on your competition and what they are getting up to.

Cost: free.


This can be a very useful place for an entrepreneur to keep all their thoughts and useful snippets of information together in one place. Think of it as a digital filing cabinet where you can keep a list of your favorite websites, organize your to-do list, set reminders, keep notes and useful information.

Cost: free.

Canva for easy designing

If your budget doesn’t stretch to hiring a graphic designer, then you can quickly and easily use Canva to create your own striking visual content for your marketing needs. You can build your own infographic designs, fun visual posts for social media as well as logos, posters and flyers. There is a nice selection of free graphic designs, fonts and illustrations as well as pre-made templates that you can edit and customize to stamp with your own style.

Cost: Free to use. Some images and graphic stock carry small extra charges.

Keep an eye on your competition with Scraper

You can use Scraper to pull content from web pages then export it to use in Excel. This is a great tool to compile information about your competitors’ activities and to give you ideas for content creation and marketing. The app is available in the Chrome Web Store.

Cost: Free.

Email marketing with Mailchimp

Trying to build a comprehensive email list is important for business, but things can start to get out of hand very quickly as soon as your lists grows to an unmanageable level. Mailchimp is a very effective and easy to use tool that can help you manage your email marketing lists and campaigns. You can create split marketing lists, test different approaches and measure their effectiveness. Mailchimp is very user-friendly and easy for newbies to get to grips with.

Cost: Free

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