How to Create Better “Thank You for Your Order” Emails and Notes

With low startup costs and potentially attractive profits, ecommerce has become an attractive business niche. As the competition keeps increasing, brands are looking for new avenues to stand out beyond price and product quality.

This year, customer experience (CX) seems to be taking a central role as the new opportunity for outsmarting the competition. Per Garter, 42% of CEOs say that better CX was the key driver for most business wins.

And it’s no longer just the “big boys” with lavish budgets who can bank on CX. Smaller ecommerce companies can also treat their customers to superior experience. Even something as simple as a “thank you for your business” email can be strategically used to improve relationships with your customers and build loyalty.

In fact, those thank you emails and notes present a huge opportunity for connecting with your customer and showing that your brand cares about them.

Wondering how to get better at writing those types of transactional emails? That’s what you’ll learn  in this post:

  • Why post-sales customer management is so important (and profitable!)
  • How to write a thank you note to your customer that makes a mark
  • How to style thank you for your order emails and invoices (+Examples)

Why Thank You For Your Order Emails are More Special Than You Think

How often do you personally read emails from businesses?

My educated guess is that over a third of them fly under your radar. The latest industry benchmark stats indicate that the average email open rate in the retail industry is just 22.86%.

Order confirmation emails, on the other hand, have a whopping 70% open rate on average – that’s three times higher than for general promo newsletters! When users’ attention spans are dwindling, clearly you should not waste that huge opportunity to connect with them when they are ready to listen. While the average blog post gets read for 8 seconds, shoppers dwell on an order confirmation email for 14 seconds.What’s more, 64% of customers find transactional confirmation emails to be the most valuable type out of communication sent by businesses.

The bottom line: after sales emails present a huge opportunity for retaining and engaging with your customers. A quick “thank you note” can help you win over some big business in the long run!

How to Write a Thank You For Your Order Email (+ Examples)

Writing “thank you for your business” emails is no rocket science. Stride, for instance, keeps it as simple as a handwritten note:

Source: Moz

But if you want to truly make an impact with your note – strike a personal chord, foster repeat business, or retain a customer – follow the next quick tips.

1. Leave Out The Corporate Slang

Thank you notes are meant to add a personal touch to your business. So do try to sound as a friendly human being, not a faceless corporate entity.

Avoid the standard and somewhat sterile phrases like:

  • Thanks for your order
  • Thank you for shopping with us
  • Thanks for your business

Opt for something warmer and yet, brandable, instead:

  • Thanks for supporting our growth!
  • We hope you enjoy your order
  • Thank you for becoming part of our product squad

Your note should convey happy, grateful and cheerful feelings.

2. Personalize, Always

Whether you are sending a “thank you for your order” email or a handwritten thank you note, always add a quick cue specific to the buyer.

There are several ways to play this out. In emails:

  • Offer a curated list of recommended products they may also like and/or additional reading material.
  • List additional resources that may help the buyer get the most out of their product.
  • To the most loyal shoppers, dispatch a personalized discount or referral code.
  • This should go without saying…but, always use the person’s name.

When sending a “thank you note” by snail mail, consider adding the next personal touches:

  • Write the note by hand, instead of printing.
  • Mention something great about their city/state/region e.g. “Spend some great Uni years in Texas, still miss the BBQ”.
  • Comment on their product choice – “I personally use the very same coconut oil every day”.

3. Throw in a Coupon or a Referral Code

Coupon/discount codes are an excellent “special something” to reward your loyal customers. Remarketing emails with coupons tend to have higher open rates and increase conversions rates to 9.86% versus the standard 3% for no-discount emails.

What kind of discount to add?

  • 15% tends to be the go-to discount rate for brands.
  • Standard coupon expiration date is 30 days. Depending on your sales cycle time, however, you may want to create a sense of urgency and add a shorter expiration date e.g. 24-36 hours.

4. Mind the Length

“Thank you” emails tend to be an on the shorter side. Keep the length up to a few sentences/one paragraph max. Longer transactional emails may miss the mark…unless you action-pack them with additional relevant resources and data.

5. Add a Quick Call-to-Action

Considering that you have already captured the attention of your customer, plus secured their good will, it’s time to ask in for a quick favor. Here are a few thank you email example CTAs you can swipe:

  • Ask to follow your business on social media
  • Invite the buyer to complete a feedback survey
  • Invite them to join a giveaway or an upcoming event (e.g. webinar)
  • Pitch your referral program
  • Ask to leave a review if their purchase is immediately available (e.g. a digital download/service).

6. Don’t Forget About Branding

To avoid any confusion on the buyers’ part, make sure that your “thank you” emails are on-brand and instantly recognizable.

Add a prominent logo, use the branded colors and fonts, add the trademarks (if you have any) and use the same tone of voice/language as you do in your usual communication. The recipient should never wonder for longer than for a few seconds who’s thanking them for their business.

Same goes for your invoices. If you’ve attached one to the order confirmation email, make sure that its on-brand, clearly communicates the payment terms and outlines how the buyer should pay you. Don’t have an attractive template yet? Check out our signature free invoice templates.

What Types of “Thank You For Your Order” Emails You Can Create (+ Examples)

Now that you’ve learned about the best practices of creating thank you emails and notes, let’s take a look at how this all pulls together.

Below you will find several types of thank you letter examples you can use to model your own ones. Don’t forget to personalize and tailor each of these examples to your brand and product/service.

Seasonal Thank You For Your Business Email

Happy Easter, Lynda!

Amazing Decor Brand team would like to send our warmest regards to you! Thanks for being a loyal shopper, and we hope the tableware you’ve purchased recently will get you a lot of compliments from your guests.

Thank you for shopping with us! If you have any feedback, I’m just one email away.


Sam, CEO of Brand

Thank You For Your Order Email with an Upsell

Hey Sarah,

THANK YOU for your first Sample Beauty Box Order!

We hope you’ve already tested some of the goodies in March box. My personal favorite is organic coconut oil – a total saver for dull post-winter skin!

If you are enjoying it as much as I do, you can always order the full-size product on our website. Below, you’ll find more product pics for your skin type from our consultants.

Stay fabulous,

Joanne, CEO of Company

Thank You For Your Purchase Email with Social Media CTA

It’s time to get excited, Mike. Your pair of Awesome Sneakers will soon be at your doorstep.

Your payment has been processed, and our team is packing your order. You will receive a separate email with the shipping details.

Thank you for buying from Shoe Shop!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow and @tag us on Instagram once your sneakers arrive. We’d love to feature your #outfitinspo and get your feedback!

Thank You For Your Order Email Example with Promo Code

Your order is on the way!

Max, your order has just been shipped. Your “three gourmet teas kit” should arrive at your doorstep in 3 business days. You can track your shipping from “Your Account”

We’d like to also thank you for being a loyal fan of our brand. Here’s your personalized promo code for the next purchases. 

[15% discount]

Copy & paste it at checkout when placing your next order. The deal is on for 25 days.

Enjoy your cuppa,

Samantha, CEO

Thank You For Your Order Email Example with Referral Code

Hi Elly,

Your recent order has been processed and is now prepared for shipping. You will receive a separate email with the tracking code once your order is shipped.

And we’ve got a deal for you and your friends – get 10% off your next purchase from Candle Shop.

Share this referral code with your BFFs to give them 10% of their order (and receive a $10 credit for every friend who buys from us).

In case you have any questions or feedback, hit “reply” to this email and I’ll get back to you!


Candle Team

Wrapping It Up

Still not convinced that you need to regularly send out thank you emails to your customers? Well, we have some scientific proof for you.

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin conducted a major survey…and determined that the majority of that you note recipients felt “ecstatic” when they read out that note. The study also suggests that those letters took less than 5 minutes to write on average.

Think about it: is there any other CX trick that is as simple, affordable and fast to implement? Probably not. So go on and craft that thank you letter to your customers and dispatch it along with an attractive invoice!

Photo by Milos Milosevic

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