11 Free Business Name Generators (+ Tips For Naming Your Biz)

Choosing a name for your business can be a more complex task than you imagine.

First of all, you want a name that fits your niche. You’ve also got to be certain that nobody else is using it, and that the domain name is available and no similar trademark is registered. You could spend hours going through different iterations of a name, and come up empty.

What’s the solution? You can try a business name generator. Such tools that will ask you for certain input about your business, and/or the words you want to be included in your business name. Then, they will provide you with a list of name suggestions.

Below are 11 popular business name generators worth trying out!

1. Namelix

Namelix uses artificial intelligence, and keywords that you input to curate a list of single word business names. Once you receive your first list, you can add negative keywords, request name selections that have an available domain name, and request shorter names. If you find something you like, you can click on it, and place an order for the domain name.

Our Verdict: This one is interesting. We tried a few different keyword sets, and got some decent results. On the other hand, it’s clear the AI, powering this tool, is still learning. Some of the results are just gibberish, nonsense words. We even got a few words that were quite inappropriate.

Still, it’s a good tool for brainstorming, and you may find one or two names that work for you.

2. Shopify Business Name Generator

If you’re going to use Shopify as your business platform, take a look at the Shopify Business Name Generator. Once again, you enter keywords that are relevant to your business, and you receive a list of names. Because this is Shopify, all the business names you get can be immediately registered on the platform and taken as a Shopify store brand name. You just click and start the registration process.

Of course, you don’t have to be a Shopify business owner to use this business name generator. You can just enter some keywords and get the list of suggested business names without registering.

Our Verdict: This tool really does come up with some good, descriptive business names. It pairs the keywords you’ve entered with related words. This results in some pretty workable word combinations. Here’s an example for a t-shirt business:

3. Namemesh

Like other business name generators, NameMesh asks you to drop some keywords first. However, the list it returns is definitely more prolific than what other tools brainstormed. You receive a list of suggested domain names that includes simplified names, short names, fun names, SEO optimized names, and more. You’ll be able to scroll through page after page of URL suggestions.

If you click on a name that you like, you’ll be routed over to GoDaddy. There you can purchase and register the name at whatever the asking price is.

Our Verdict: We really liked that this list so thorough! It would be nearly impossible not to find a domain name that works for you. The only downside is that the list of names is almost overwhelming. In trying to provide so many, there are multiples that just don’t make much sense.

4. Biz Name Wiz

Again, you enter keywords to receive a list of business names. With Biz Name Wiz, you can filter by industry in order to get a more relevant list of names. All names provided have an available domain that can be registered through Domainify.

Our Verdict: This tool is very easy to use. Unfortunately, some of the names are clearly randomly generated. Chances are you’ll find some decent combinations, but you may have to dig deep to find them.

5. Wordlab Business Name Generator

Wordlab Business Name Generator is one of many name generators from Word Lab. However, instead of returning a list of multiple names, you just get one. If you don’t like that, simply enter in your keywords and start over.

Our Verdict: This is one is more fun than functional. Most of the names generated seem to be entirely random. Many don’t contain any of the target keywords, or seem to relate to them at all.

6. NameSmith

NameSmith is a “creative business name generator” that takes your keywords and returns a list of exact match names, blends, and other combinations. You can scroll through the list, and ‘star’ the ones that stand out to you. You’ll even get suggestions based on common misspellings and word reversals.

Our Verdict: This isn’t much of a brand name generator. However, it could be useful in helping you find a domain name.

7. Hipster Business Name

Hipster Business Name doesn’t accept any custom input. Instead, it generates a what may sound like a good name for a cafe, selling avo toasts and flat whites. Don’t like what you get, just hit refresh and start again.

Our Verdict: : Fun, but not very useful. If you happen to find a name you like, you can register it or donate it to someone else.

8. Wordoid

With Wordoid, you can come up with new, possibly brandable and creative words. The app blends words from several languages and tries to produce brand names that would resemble the natural words of the selected languages. You can specify several parameters such as word length, languages used, word quality and a few other parameters to get more ideas.

Our Verdict: We liked that this generated some creative names. Unfortunately, not every combo ends up sounding nice. It takes some time to figure out the optimal settings as the interface isn’t that intuitive. However, it’s worth checking out, once you get a hang of it.

9. Ultimate Business Name Generator

The Ultimate Business Name Generator asks questions instead of inviting you to plop some keywords. You list your products or services, the geographic area you serve, and the names of your company founders. The name generator then returns a list of domain names that you can register through BlueHost.

The tool works by combining the words you’ve entered with other commonly used words. The idea is to create a straightforward business name, not one that’s overly creative or out of the box.

Our Verdict: If you want a standard business name, use this tool. You won’t have to filter through names that are frivolous or nonsensical.

10. Naminum

Naminum is pretty simplistic. You enter in a keyword or set of keywords. The tool then spices those up with a variety of suffix options. You can also select different languages to get names that will appeal to your target audience.

Our Verdict: This one doesn’t bring much to the table. Most of the names generated here are a bit nonsensical as the tool just mashes words together without much thought to whether or not they make any sense.

11. Brand Bucket

Brand Bucket is more of a name matcher than a name generator. You enter in a word that’s relevant to your business. The tool then give you a list of available names that you can purchase and register.

Our Verdict: We liked that all pricing options are listed with each domain name. In addition to this, Brand Bucket only lists names that are available. This means if you find a name you like, you’ll be able to immediately purchase it.

And if playing around with those business name generators didn’t get you anywhere, here are some additional business naming tips to try out.

How to Name a Business: A Few More Tips

  • Your business name should be catchy and memorable.
  • It should sound good when spoken out loud. It should also fit your branding.
  • Make certain your business name conveys what you do, and the benefit you offer.
  • Avoid initials. They just don’t say much.
  • Choose a name that you can trademark.
  • Your name should sound catchy, and roll off the tongue naturally.
  • Use your name to share a unique detail about your business. For example, “Weekends Only Furniture” is open only the weekends.
  • Use Google to do a business name lookup. You want to be sure that you aren’t competing with any businesses with slight variations of your name. You can also see any other results that come up.

How to Register a Business Name

There are a few things you’ll need to do to register a business name. First, if you are a sole proprietor who isn’t operating under your own name, you may need to file a fictitious business name statement. Depending on where you live, you may do this with your local county clerk, or your Secretary of State.

You’ll also have to purchase and register your domain name. You can do this through multiple domain registrars. This ensures that you have the rights to the website name you’ve chosen. Just be aware that you may have to pay for a name that’s in high demand, or trending for some reason.

How to Trademark a Business Name

If you’re business is headquartered in the US, you can trademark your name by filing an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office. However, you should know that all protections are given to the first company that registers the ‘mark’. If you want to trademark a domain name, do not add its extension. Just use the standard business name.

If you do business on a global scale, you might want to trademark globally as well. In that case, take a look at the Madrid System.

If you’ve been wondering how to come up with a business name, try a few of the utilities listed here. One of these, combined with our tips on naming, registering, and trademarking your business name should help you come up with the perfect business name!

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