About Freenvoices

If you would like to issue a bill for a client then you will need an invoice. This non-negotiable commercial document is a written agreement between you and the buyer of your goods or services. It’s actually easy to furnish but the challenge here is to make or design one that matches your profession or brand. One that is attractive, personalized and reflects a unique identity. Freenvoices.com offers you distinctive and creatively designed invoice templates that are fully customizable with Microsoft Word and easy to use.

Find a Design that Matches Your Career or Brand

With our professionally and creatively designed templates, making one is a breeze. We have the perfect selection of designs you could choose from and you can easily personalize this document. The templates are all user-friendly, downloadable and editable via Microsoft Word.

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Get to Know our Project Founder

Hertzel Betito is the guy behind this free invoice templates project. He is a professional designer who’s been in the graphic design industry for more than 10 years and his passion and creativity is clearly shown in the wide selection of the unique invoice templates that you will find here on Freenvoices.com